Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Solve Keyword Cannibalization

Key phrase cannibalization isn't an issue which is inside SEO community forums very much, nor is it a thing that quite a few SEOs function prominently in site reviews (no less than, from my knowledge), but it may be detrimental to potential rankings for many distinct motives. Initially, I will illustrate how key phrase cannibalization occurs.

It usually starts off when a web page's data architecture telephone calls for your targeting of your single expression or phrase on a number of pages with the web page. Quite a few situations this really is performed unintentionally, but success in various as well as dozens of pages that have the same keyword goal inside the title and header tags.

Google (as well as the other search engines like google) will spider the pages on your own website and see four (or 40) distinct pages for the web site all seemingly relevant to a person specific key phrase (with this illustration - "snowboards"). Contrary towards the belief of my 3 fictitious customers above, Google does not interpret this as that means that your internet site as being a whole is additional appropriate to "snowboards" or need to rank increased than the opposition. Alternatively, it forces Bing to choose amongst the several variations and select 1 it feels best matches the query. There's a amount of rank-boosting features you shed out on when this occurs:

·Internal Anchor Text - since you're pointing to a lot of different pages aided by the exact same topic, you are able to't concentrate the significance of internal anchor text on a single target.

·External Back links - If 4 web-sites url to a person webpage on "snowboards," three websites url to another of one's "snowboard" pages and half a dozen web-sites website link to however one more "snowboard" page, you have split up your external link value amongst three pages, in lieu of consolidating it into a single.

·Information Top quality - Following a few or four pages of crafting about identical key subject, the value within your content material goes to undergo. You would like the top feasible solitary site to attract hyperlinks and referrals, not a dozen bland, replicated pages.

·Conversion Price - If one particular web page is converting superior than the other folks, it is really a use up to have multiple, reduce-changing versions targeting a similar targeted visitors. When you desire to do conversion tracking, use a several-delivery testing method (either A/B or multivariate).

So what's the remedy?

The difference in this case in point is that instead of targeting the singular "snowboards" on every webpage, the pages are focused on special, useful variations and all of them hyperlink again to an authentic, canonical supply towards the singular term. Search engines can now very easily identify by far the most pertinent webpage for just about every of these queries. This isn't just priceless towards the search engines; it really is also a much superior person practical experience and all round facts architecture.

What need to you need to do should you've definitely obtained a event of keyword cannibalization? Employ 301's liberally. When functioning with clients, I like to ID all of the pages inside the architecture with this problem and establish the best site to position them to, then use a 301 on every single cannibalizing webpage to your single version. This not simply ensures that visitors all arrive on the correct sheet, but that the hyperlink equity and relevance constructed up through time is directing the engines to probably the most applicable and highest-ranking-potential site for the query.

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